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Accurate car diagnostics in Southampton

The trust our customers place in us is what grows our garage the most. We have nothing to gain from ripping you off or providing a dishonest service, so every service we provide is transparent and designed to help you get back on the roads as quickly and safely as possible. If our specialist equipment identifies a problem within your ECU (Engine Control Unit), we’ll find a solution to get it running at its optimum standard once again.


The importance of car diagnostics

A diagnostic test is the quickest and easiest way of highlighting any faults with your car which have the potential to develop into something much more serious. Not only that, but you’ll save yourself a considerable amount of money by investing in a diagnostic test with MOT’s Only Southampton. Everything we do is offered at the most affordable price – oh, and you also won’t have to fork out on expensive new parts because you’ve broken down.

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When a diagnostic test will benefit you the most

You’ll need to book a diagnostic test anytime you notice your vehicle driving in an unusual manner or when a dashboard warning light comes on. However, for best peace of mind and to keep on top of any developing problems, we recommend booking a diagnostic test at least once a year, just like you would a dental check-up. Following this schedule will keep your car running as smoothly as possible all year round.


Our diagnostic booking process is as simple as the test itself!

We’d be doing something wrong if we went to such great lengths to ensure convenience throughout your time in our Southampton garage and not provide an easy to use booking process. With our online booking tool, you’ll never experience any hassle ever again! Simply enter your registration number and when you’d like your diagnostics appointment to be, anytime, anywhere. What’s more, if we get in contact with you, it’ll just be to confirm your appointment and not to ask for any payment details – that only happens after all the work has been completed.

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